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Classic. This was one of my favorite animations as a kid. Watched it many times over. Love your concept of Luigi in particular.

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Game is hard. And FUN because of it! I couldn't stop playing til I beat the whole thing. I love this obstacle-based idea for a rhythm game, really keeps you completely locked in and wanting to buff out the parts you mess up on. Awesome <3

RAD! I love the character design and the gimmick is simple and fun to play around. Plus a great few songs for the soundtrack which can make a game all on their own.

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You're really a master of your genre! Love the light instruments you chose here. The bells and keys sound so ethereal and really balance the whole song out. Gotta love when there's so much going on but it's all cohesive. <3

ohh I love it. Didn't realize it'd be so funky in the beginning, but it got there seamlessly. Great choices for the instruments in this song. <3 So crisp.

Marifax responds:

Thank you very much!

I think the emotions you were feeling then definitely come through in this song! Love the lyrics, and your ending was great. The way you brought everything together in a triumphant finale was awesome! Many creators cut that type of ending a little bit too short but I think yours was a great length.

floorboardofficial responds:

Thanks so much! I'm glad that the emotions came through and that you enjoyed it!

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Man I absolutely love flying whales, ever since Link's Awakening. The splotchy texture you gave the skin looks awesome!

DaaWeeD responds:

Thanks GundorSound 🙏 Yes there is a Link's Awakening mood in there, that's undeniable ^^ Glad you like it

I'm glad you have as much of an affinity for this character as I do, you depict him so damn well, as well as all the Wario universe of characters

He looks sweet or smug, I can't tell which, but I like him.

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