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Love your stuff Yotam! I've been watching these cute/introspective songs for many, many years and I will continue to as long as you make them.

Hope you have a good birthday.

Classic. This was one of my favorite animations as a kid. Watched it many times over. Love your concept of Luigi in particular.

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Thanks for using my song Larry! All the picks so far seem great. I really like Glowing Halcyon, it fits the vibe perfectly!

Also great implementation of physics, it's very intuitive. I pray to the RNG gods for rectangles.

larrynachos responds:

Thanks! Your track fit perfectly :3

Glad you enjoyed the game!

Game is hard. And FUN because of it! I couldn't stop playing til I beat the whole thing. I love this obstacle-based idea for a rhythm game, really keeps you completely locked in and wanting to buff out the parts you mess up on. Awesome <3

RAD! I love the character design and the gimmick is simple and fun to play around. Plus a great few songs for the soundtrack which can make a game all on their own.

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Nice wili! I love your melody at 2:04 so much. You've got such great ambience in this one that the slow, steady beat doesn't get old for a second.

wilidacious responds:

haha, much appreciated!

I love this!

I'm such a huge fan of piano and strings, and with the bit-like instruments added this takes on such an easy-going, stardew kinda vibe. This would fit so well in a sweet, 16-bit character memory. It made me think of Marin from Link's Awakening.

Your melodies are always so unique! I can never tell where the song is going to go but always love where it ends up. Like the break at :40, it's awesome! The synths you chose are great as well, and the fact that your drumkit is a bit heavier really compliments all the high pitched instruments you've got.

wilidacious responds:

thank you! i really appreciate that!

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Always loved Bobomb characters in the Paper Mario series

Looks like a Spore creature. In a really good way, love the suction cups.

Luigi wouldn't be caught dead without his green plunger

VGM creator hoping to collaborate with some interested game developers, or possibly other creative minds on this site! Contact me if you would like to work together.

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