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This is awesome. <3 It's so catchy and calming, I could listen to it over and over. Perfect for a game

Petrol4brains responds:

Why thank you!

Oh man I love that guitar drift. Great instrument choices.

This is a great arrangement! Made me cry. Joe Hisaishi's music always does. He's been one of my biggest musical inspirations since I was a kid.

RAD. I got the biggest smile on my face the second this track started lol. This is my kind of VGM.

Fast-paced, awesome melody, and all your instruments sound so cohesive. Definitely makes me think of a 16-bit platformer.

I love it! I love how vibrant and fast-paced your melody is.

I totally feel your description by the way. There have been countless times I start a new song and create a very cohesive beginning only to realize that I can't extend my inspiration into a full-length track. My girlfriend says inspiration is for amateurs though, haha. Sometimes you have to mess with a track for a while before the rest comes to you.

So mysterious and adventurous! I love the multitude of ways vgm creators choose to depict forests. This one definitely reminds me of a medieval setting. Kind of makes me think of Fable.

Everratic responds:

Someone else also mentioned Fable, so I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the review :D

I love when listening to a track alone is enough to get me interested in the game! Hearing this before playing the game gave me a perfect idea of what it'd be about. Love it

You really know how to create an atmosphere with these songs. I get goosebumps from each one. The way you fade your percussion is so ethereal.

My favorite part of this one is the melody though! Especially at 1:56. Such a great addition to what you had going.

I love this! Such a good mix of ambience and meaty percussion. It'd make an awesome atmospheric track in a game.

wilidacious responds:

thank you!

"I'm too tired to die." Ye. Putting this on a playlist to chill to for sure.

If this will really be your last upload for a while then I hope the next month and half go well for you. Remember to take breaks and realize any time you aren't inspired enough to create isn't time wasted. Live for each day buddy! See you when the album drops

floorboardofficial responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

And yeah. I definitely prefer to release things as a whole, so I won't be uploading anything until the album is complete (and it's getting there, but it will still be a bit). Regardless, I'll still be active on the forums and on the audio portal, and I'l try to get a couple more of those "Floorboard Spotlight" news posts done, so you'll see me around! Also, I don't always check my feed, so feel free to PM me when you release music because I always like checking out your stuff!

VGM creator hoping to collaborate with some interested game developers, or possibly other creative minds on this site! Contact me if you would like to work together.

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